The project consists of four technical, one creating impact and one management workpackage:

Workpackage 1 The aim of this work package is to study calibration of contact stylus instruments (reference instruments) for surface roughness measurements using routes to traceability that are alternative to the existing methods. Specifically, the aim is to develop traceable and cost-effective capabilities for the calibration of surface roughness standards with uncertainties in the range of 10 nm100 nm.

Workpackage 2 The aim of this work package is to increase understanding of the current state of the art of existing calibration methods of form measurement probes and to compare them against novel methods for investigations of measurement probes and stylus instruments in static and dynamic measurement conditions. It will increase the knowledge of the calibration of reference form measuring devices that will be used for primary calibration of magnification standards (e.g. flick standard).

Workpackage 3 The aim of this work package is to investigate the modification of displacement transducers to be used as portable displacement generators, in order to calibrate stylus instruments under static (+/-1000 m) and dynamic (+/-100 m) measurement conditions with direct traceability to the SI unit of length, the metre, that will lead to preparation of best practice guides

Workpackage 4 will create novel noise reduction software that can be used to pre-process raw data in roughness and roundness measurements. 24PPO