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This website is dedicated to the European Metrology Programme For Innovation and Research Project (EMPIR)* “Probe Trace” and intends to provide information to and bring together stakeholders from the industry and academia.

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• Metrology, the science of measurement is the central nerve in the spine of our high-tech world. What we cannot measure, we do not understand properly and cannot control nor manufacture or process reliably.
• Provision of measurement capability is part of the technical infrastructure that underpins a country’s science, engineering, and technology landscape for government, industry, and academia.
• New measurement techniques and technologies stimulate and support innovation in science, products, process and services.
• To develop new products and process, one needs to measure quantity, quality and performance. Therefore, measurement plays a fundamental part in the manufacturing process in addition to being essential in scientific research as an enabling technology.

This project aims to develop traceable and cost-effective measurement capabilities for the calibration of form and surface roughness standards with uncertainties in the range 10 nm–100 nm.

Sincerely yours,
Murat Aksulu
Project Coordinator